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Come to Me, all who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.

~Matthew 11:28

Before jumping into any of our studies, it's important to understand our theory about why we design all of our studies to be interactive workbooks rather than topical books, but in short, we don't want you to learn from us as much as we want to provide you with the space required for you to learn from Him. The King of Kings. The Lord of Lords. Jesus Christ.

All of these studies will provide YOU with the space to meet with the Lord one-on-one, but they are also great resources for you to do WITH your spouse, your kids, your group, your leadership team, or anyone you want to train to grow in their own personal walk but also learn along the way, how to train others to do the same. 

Heart of the Kingdom

Famplify | Fall 2024 | Matthew

8 Week Family Bible Reading Series


The HEART of the gospel, the good news, is also the HEART of His coming kingdom. A day is coming, where He will make ALL things NEW, where there will be no more crying, no more pain, no more death, but most importantly, no more sin... nothing separating us from the Creator who made us to love and be loved by Him. Jesus lived, and taught us to live, with the perspective that this life is preparing for us an eternal weight of glory beyond all comparison.

This 8 week study is designed to focus the hearts and minds of your family on the King of Kings, Lord of Lords and His coming eternal kingdom that has no end. Who will YOU be in that day? One who knows Him as a Savior, a King or a close friend... or all of the above.

Coming in Sept. 2024

Follow Me

Famplify | Spring 2024 | Gospels

8 Week Family Bible Reading Series


What if, today, you were to find yourself face-to-face with Jesus, looking right into His eyes as He gives you this simple command, “Follow Me.” Two simple words creating unimaginable complexity. Inviting you to join Him on an unknown adventure that would require that you leave immediately and understand only that the journey would be next to Him. Would you obey? Maybe He’d be interrupting you at a job you love, enjoying the most profitable season of your life. Or, maybe He’d be calling you away from a job where you’re struggling just to make ends meet? Would He find you battling depression or enjoying a season of celebration? Maybe you’re praying for just such a moment, eagerly waiting to jump at the opportunity to run with Him. Or would you hide your face in shame because His interruption would find you struggling or even willingly committing the worst sin? - This is exactly what happened to those whose stories we will examine in this series. “Follow Me.” Two words unaffected by all of the moments before them but carry the invitation to impact eternity with every moment after.


Famplify | Winter 2024 | Exodus 1-14

8 Week Family Bible Reading Series


Have you ever felt like you weren’t good enough? Or that you’ve been working really hard and just aren’t measuring up? Have you made some mistakes that you think will define you forever or might disqualify you from doing something big for the Lord, or even worse make you unworthy of His love!? God’s mighty arm of deliverance is bigger than you, your shortcomings and your mistakes. Jesus wants you to have a greater relationship with Him, starting today, and this 8 week course reminds us of God’s faithful love and devotion to us for His glory and for your heart.

Triple Threat

Leadership for your Heart, Soul and Mind

30 Day Devotional


"Triple Threat" a person, especially a leader, performer or athlete, who is proficient in three important skills within their particular field. ("a triple threat can sing, dance, and act")

Even if you don’t consider yourself to be a leader, this 30 Day Devotional is designed to help you lead yourself, your family, your small group, your ministry, your church closer to God by identifying and eliminating the greatest threats to your relationship with Him. The decisions you make in this course carry with them the weight of eternity. This 30 day study examines Jesus' command in Matthew 22:37, "You must love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul and mind." The three things that will be the driving force, or the greatest threat to your leadership.

Coming in Sept. 2024

Heart Transplant

Leadership Team Discipleship

4 Week Online Course


Coming this Fall (2024)

Coming in Sept. 2024
Coming in Sept. 2024

DIG Format Handbooks

Personal DIG Handbooks

Works with 8 Week Famplify Series


These personal handbooks are formatted to work with ALL Famplify Series. These are a great way to keep ALL of your kids engaged.

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